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NUOTTI Coaching

Here at Suju, we provide NUOTTI coaching, a personalised type of coaching for young persons who have experienced a significant decline in their functional capacity. The goal is to strengthen the participants’ own conception of their strengths and resources and to bolster life management skills and the competences needed to participate in working life. During the coaching, the participants take the first steps towards starting a course of education and entering the working world. Each participant has a personal NUOTTI coach. No medical diagnosis or doctor’s evaluation of your health status is needed to apply to NUOTTI coaching.

You can apply if your age is between 16 and 29 and need support to meet the various challenges you face in daily life and to make plans for the future. For example, you may not have yet found a suitable education or job. You may have interrupted your studies or be at risk of doing so or your plans for the future may still be unclear and you may need help to work them out.

There are a few things to consider first before applying:

If your health or functional capacity is such that it is not yet the right time for you to start a goal-oriented course of rehabilitation built around a coaching approach, you should first take a look at other rehabilitation options. Feel free to contact Kela for help in sorting out your rehabilitation options.

Here at Suju NUOTTI coaching, we build the goals to help you. Goals for example are:

  • Recognize your own strengths, skills and resources.

  • Learn how to use your resources in daily life, studies, work and job search.

  • Work on your life management skills (for example self-care, financial skills and dealing with daily chores).

  • Improve your readiness to participate in working life.

  • Learn more about various options for studying, working or getting into rehabilitation.

  • Plan your education or your place in the working world.

  • Access a support network and services that can help you make progress towards your goals.

What NUOTTI coaching involves and how it is implemented:

NUOTTI coaching takes the form of personal meetings between your coach and yourself. There can be up to 20 meetings, with each lasting 60 minutes. We can meet up at our office or we can meet up wherever you feel comfortable. Your coach will contact you regularly, and you can ask him or her for help with any practical issues that you may be wondering about. For example, your coach can accompany you when you visit Kela, the TE Office or a doctor’s office.

The coaching includes collaboration with others whose involvement is important in terms of helping you to reach your goals. The coaching takes place over a period of five months. If you are participating in some other type of rehabilitation or rehabilitative work activity at the same time, the coaching can take place over a period of ten months.

Our experienced NUOTTI coaches Anni Raunio and Eveliina Honkamäki have had many english speaking coachees and have enjoyed their time with them. Supporting and coaching isn’t so much about language as it is about understanding each other and finding common ground, Anni and Eveliina thinks.

In its core, it’s about building trust and honoring persons history and background, Anni says. The coachee themselves define the pace and the themes of the coaching relationship.

Anni recommends everyone who think would benefit from this type of support to reach out and find out how NUOTTI coaching can start to support your unique life situation. No need to hesitate no matter what your background. Here at Suju we have the sensitivity to understand people from different cultural backgrounds. Our way of working is always based on sensitivity and willingness to understand.

You can get economic support during NUOTTI coaching. It’s called rehabilitation allowance and you might be entitled to get it for the time you attend vocational rehabilitation for young persons. Kela personnel will help you with this.

So here’s how you can take your first step towards NUOTTI coaching:

You can come and visit us before making the decision of getting into NUOTTI coaching. Call or text us at 044 491 8460 and come visit us at our office. You can also contact us with our own contact form on our website. We’ll be glad to tell you more about how we could help you. You can call Kela at this number 020 634 2550 and simply say you would like to get into a NUOTTI coaching. You can also start a chat at kela’s site and express your interest in NUOTTI coaching.


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